About Julia Castelli

The vision

Julia Castelli is the founder of JCLM. Over two decades of experience working in the high-end luxury market in the US and the UK places her perfectly for her role in being in charge of  special people’s special wishes. Julia speaks 5 languages (English, Russian, French, Italian and Bulgarian) and holds an MBA degree and a Graduate Diamond Diploma from the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA). She has been featured multiple times in luxury lifestyle publications. 

During her career Julia has regularly dealt with VIPs and organised special events.  She manages our operations and activities by sourcing unique and rare items for special gifts and occasions, meeting people in charge of other luxury businesses in order to enrich what we can offer to our customers and looking always for a new way to be different and time and money-savvy in the interest of our customers.

Julia has worked for some of the leading jewellery houses such as Chopard, Chanel, Asprey, Leviev and Sotheby’s. 

The Beginning

Her passion for all things beautiful and her insider’s knowledge of the luxury market led her to set up our business in 2007, helping our customers to find their perfect gifts for all occasions and sourcing for them bespoke pieces, unique creations of uncompromising craftsmanship.

It all started with sourcing high-end jewellery and rare investment stones (mostly large or colour diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires).

It did not take long for our customers to start requesting our assistance for other luxurious items: a racing horse, a piece of art, a second-home somewhere warm, an antique real estate to convert into a five star accommodation, a special dress covered in crystals and pearls, etc.

That’s how our customers transformed us from a jewellery personal shopping firm into a global lifestyle management firm.

What Julia did next

Slowly but surely, in seeing the caliber and spending power of Julia’s clients, the luxury brands Julia was buying from  started to be interested in collaborating with her.  in 2010 Julia took an active role in promoting some of them by way of organising small VIP events, doing consulting, business developing, sales training, attending exhibitions and more.

Julia's expertise is very unique and as such she can offer private clients, jewellery houses and other luxury brands a well rounded perspective gained through her international experience in private, retail and auction sales.