Harness Bag "1001 Nights" Navy

£ 255.00


Launched by AC for the first time, our Harness model will give you the chance to experience a new level of utility and freedom.

Its exclusive design with four leather pockets, which are clung to the body by a cotton shoulder strap shaped like a harness, makes it extremely practical and useful.
It can be worn directly on the body or over your most oversized items of clothing, with the option of swapping the leather pockets that are attached with a zip, in an endless number of ways.
Manufactured in the best workshops in Spain, the Handcraftsmanship and Tradition form the roots of the values we stand for throughout the whole process of manufacturing and are part of our DNA.
Interchangeable leather pockets attached with independent zips which allow countless combinations.
Totally innovative, you will be able to feel like every day you are creating a new bag thanks to its multiple artistic combinations.
Option for customisation with your initials.
Option for artistic #artmeetsfashion customisation.
Our harness model is inspired by "The Thousand and One Nights", one of the most influential works in the world's literature.
A compilation of stories and legends of Hindu, Arabic and Persian origin, of which there is no definitive text, but multiple versions.
In the same way, the composition created in this accessory can be interpreted in more ways, allowing itself to be carried away by symbols and analogies.