Hi. I'm Julia

All you need to know about My Love of Fashion, Jewellery & All things Luxury

There are various areas of life that I have experience, expertise, wisdom and success in, including Positive Mindset, Love & Relationships, Parenting, Single-Parenting, Divorce, Entrepreneurship & Business Coaching.


Initially sourcing high-end jewellery and rare investment gem- stones she excelled in assisting clients to find the perfect gift for any occasion. 

As client requests for assistance in sourcing other luxury items increased over time, the business evolved into a global lifestyle management firm.

Where it all started

In 2010 I began working with numerous luxury brands, partnering in the organisation of small exclusive VIP events.


This developed into the creation of additional VIP events, business development, targeted brand promotion to high net worth individuals, sales training and much more.

As things continue to grow, in June 2019, the JCLM eBoutique was launched, offering a unique curation of some of the world’s most exquisite jewellery and lifestyle items.

What my clients say about me


  • Katya Zemtsova
    Julia is the most genuine, inspiring, committed and responsible professional. Always a pleasure to work together with her!
  • Elena Moore
    She is an inspiration to me
  • Anya vishnevskaya|
    Julia is always highly professional and very consistent!
  • Alina Aroni
    She’s driven, fierce and kind.
  • Alla Ouvarova
    Whatever Julia sets her mind to, she always gives it 110%. Her energy and drive is infectious, her work ethic is second to none.
  • Irina Gorbounova
    Julia is a truly inspirational lady we can learn a lot from! Effortlessly combining aesthetically creative approach with a strong business ethics, she is an incredible role model
  • Olga Vysokova|
    Julia delivers the business results without self doubt and with beauty and dignity. She has a unique skill of selling without pushing, she leads by example and her beautiful style of life which people want to follow and be like Julia!
  • Ruth Sapir-Barinstein
    Julia is beyond amazing and so passionate in everything she does!!! She’s knowledgeable and has the perfect touch and eye for exquisite thing. She’s also one of the nicest people I know!!!
  • Katerina Osipov
    She is the Best.
  • Loreta Stakauskaite
    She’s a driving force behind a multitude of aspects of her life. Someone to admire and be proud of!
  • Marina Bragina
    Julia created a unique business, which brings beauty and happiness to our lives. Whilst being a successful and driven business personality, she remains a delight to interact with!
  • Maggie Vasileva
    She is creative, unique , hardworking and winner
  • Adriana Vasileva
    Amazing business woman with passions for her job , competitive , creative , inspirational
  • Svetlana Rozanova
    Julia is an inspiration to me
  • Natalia De Cort
    The most sophisticated, clever and professional woman I have ever known!
  • Yana Blackwelder
    Julia always puts her clients first. She is engaging, innovative and very forward looking entrepreneur.
  • Katya Katerinich
    Inspirational and energetic!
  • Wendy Ellin
    She's passionate about helping others realize their dreams.
  • Flavia
    She is a wonderful entrepreneur and great person
  • Claire Farrugia Fiorentino
    Julie is an inspiration. She has style and works hard on all she does.
  • Cara de Lange
    A strong business woman who brings kindness to herself and others :)
  • Dr. Sianne Gordon-Wilson
    She’s committed to all her roles with a very positive yet she doesn’t seem take herself too seriously; a very commendable quality !
  • Joaqui
    Julia is an inspirational business woman.
  • Isabel Barra
    Julia is a multi skilled and determined woman who has created her own business, which she continues to expand with her hard work and dedication. She is fierce and rather ambitious, and never gives up, no matter what! She wants to fly high, and she finds ways to achieve her goals. Her exquisite taste makes her clients dream and helps them get into the world of luxury.
  • Charmaine Gludd
    Julia is very hard working, professional and stylish. She is very passionate and determined in everything which she does.
  • Emilia Zadopek
    Julia Castelli is immensely inspiring for all women, she’s spreading positivity and encourages females to adventure steps never imagined.
  • Flavia Castro
    She is an incredible and committed professional! Definitely number 1
  • Susana Monteiro
    Julia’s is great at what she does and deserve to win the award
  • Caitlin Smith
    Julia is an inspirational woman who has found balance between exceeding in a fantastic career and raising wonderful children. Good Luck Julia!!!
  • Jolanta Bugajska
    Because she is the best in her job.
  • Matteo Castelli
    Creative and proactive, she deserve this award
  • Edel wigan
    Julia is an inspirational business woman as well as being a fab Mum. A well deserved nomination!
  • Monika
    She could be an inspiration for all women!
  • Stefka Kasabova
    Creative and amazing woman
  • Tatyana Dimitrova|
    She is my idol and inspiration
  • Andy
    She is an inspiring role model giving strength and perserverence to all those aspiring to become leaders Who contribute to society
  • Giovanna Bernini
    Julia is amazing-inspirational-kind - professional-friendly- confident- trustworthy-July has a special class.
    Her Professionalism
  • Maninder Arora
    Julia is a great business woman. She is a wonderful mother and a kind friend. She has developed her business with hard work and dedication. She is living proof to all the young women that nothing is impossible.
  • Olga Balakleets
    Julia is an inspirational and a very professional person. She is a leader who initiates and follow through her ideas and projects. She puts knowledge and passion into everything she does and cares about her clients. I would strongly recommend Julia for this award!
  • Alexandra Lovell
    Julia is an amazing business woman!
  • Irina Porritt
    Julia is amazingly positive, creative, professional and beautiful to the core person. She has a natural feeling how to create and represent beauty and luxury. She is well connected and very popular among her friends and clients. Dear Julia I wish you very good luck with reaching to the stars!
  • Amani Vernescu
    Julia is intelligent, hardworking, strong minded and an inspiration to all. She designed her business with integrity and luxurious quality first on mind to ensure 100% exceptional customer experience and satisfaction. I had the honor of meeting her through the Creative Women group, her knowledge and experience blended with her go-get-it-done personality makes her the perfect mentor to have. She had the above impact on many of us, including those who barely know her. Her enthusiasm and passion for professional and personal growth is contagious. Julia is genuine, authentic and supportive of other women’s vision and deserves public affirmation of her efforts by wining such a prestigious award.
  • Anna Grichting
    She is a very talented professional and dedicated to empowering and fostering Creative Women in the professional field.
  • Dr Eline Pedersen Hadjikonstantinou
    #Beautiful #smart #deserveit
  • Amina Leelo
    What can be better than be Creative and Inspire other Ladies to follow their dreams and be Happy. This is more than needed specially now !
  • Rosy
    She is passionate, caring and never gives up
  • Victoria christian
    As you can see from Julia photograph she is a beautiful lady, immaculately styled always - however it is her inner drive, endless energy, commitment and passion to bring positive life experiences to her clients and followers that I most admire - she works tirelessly and makes it look like a beautiful adventure!
  • Farah Shammas
    She’s a star!
  • Birgitte Lydum
    Julia has a rare and unique ability to be many things in the same day; glamorous, down to earth, fun, profound, strong, vulnerable, open-minded, determined. She’s a wonderful example of a modern woman doing well for herself.
  • Tatiana
    Self starter and never-giving-upper.
  • Anna Gagliardi
    She is a strong kind woman with an unshakeable passion for her job . A woman to look at definitely.
  • Marika Gottardo
    She's very professional, talented and radiates energy whatever she is doing.
  • Anuj Arora
    She is an inspiring women, a leader, supermom and she helps other women to succeed in their field by leading with example.
  • Mariya Guriel
    Because she is a driven, positive, and strong woman who is managing a successful business and who serves as an example to all of us!
  • Nina Konecna
    Successful business woman, she is pragmatic and was very good adviser for my brand Nina&Ko.
  • Yvonne Denty
    Julia is a very hard working person, always going above and beyond to make sure her clients are well looked after.
  • Angela Milevsky
    The best professional lady . A lot of expensive, kindness and professional
  • Yana
    Fantastic and driven woman! Real achiever
  • Julia Chigirinskaya
    She is professional of her business!
  • Louise de Bernardini
    Julia is extremely conscientious, driven and committed to providing the best possible service to her clients. Her passion and knowledge for her industry is Exemplary. Julia has a knack of making hard work look easy. She is an inspiration to women and mothers around the world.
  • Oksana Radford
    Because she is an awesome women ( covering all the aspects of this word) She is beautiful, creative, business minded, very romantic and a great human being!!!!
  • Eva Hristovs
    She is the Best
  • Yuriy Horovyy
    Julia is an incredible person. She works very hard for what she believes and loves.
  • Saad Ayub
    Makers of creative, stylish, beautiful jewellery and other luxury accessories. Products presentation is fabulous, good business strategy and multinational availability. She is visionary and having good aesthetic sense.
  • Elena Nigmatulina
    she is a strong business lady
  • Tatiana Sokolova
    Julia is very hard working and creative!
  • Dhararamveer
    She is a genius in own field.and pleasent lady
  • Andy
    She deserve It
  • Svetlana
    She is my inspiration.
  • Anna Nadeau
    Creative spirit, great entrepreneurial skills, drive, ambition, confidence and passion the factors that make Julia stand out from the rest.
  • Marina Starkova
    She is an inspirational woman who manages to run a very successful business and look after her wonderful children. Her ideas are fresh and exciting
  • Vicki Stathopoulos
    Julia is a beautiful woman inside and out! She is consistent and believes in what she does! She’s ambitious and does her work with integrity.
  • Jordi Cantos
    Empowered woman, that with her hard work creates a brand, a business, shining like a star in the luxury word.
  • Prashant Kapadia
    She is creative and keeps the moods in her team to strive for the best of the best
  • Kash Farouk
    Julia is a dedicated individual , hard working and a true trendsetter in the world of business.
  • Laly
    She is hard worker and doing skilfully here job
  • Olesya
    She’s a very capable and dedicated person who does an excellent job.
  • Aiste Anusaite-Daubaras
    Inspiration for every woman of how things can be achieved if you work tirelessly.
  • Dasha Horova
    She is simply the best!
  • Sveta Harrison
    Self made, dedicated, inspiring, never gives up, hard working lady who is also sweet and fun to be with!
  • Julia Macuka
    Júlia is the great person with the great spirit. Lots of encouraging ideas which she full fills.
  • Sarah Morgan
    Julia understands that business is ultimately about people...and she really looks after all. She is warm, cheeky, up-lifting, genuine and very good at making things special, particularly little details. To sum things up, she's a soulful entrepreneur - I wouldn't want to do business with anything less.
  • Ekaterina Boyes
    Determined and hard working.
  • Elena Novoselov
  • Julia is a very determined, hard working and passionate lady. She has build her brand from the scratch and has never given up. She became well known as a trustworthy, super reliable and professional in all the areas she applied her expertise to. It’s a pleasure to work with this wonderful and strong woman!
  • Brenda Laguna
    Julia promotes women, she is a positive and passionate soul!
  • Kris
  • Graeme Duddridge
    Julia is imaginative , dynamic , great at bringing ideas and people together and kind .
  • Tia
    She is excellent specialist
  • Yuliya
    She is so enthusiastic and professional!
  • Tatiana
    Outstanding achievements in business, while being a wonderful devoted mother and a caring friend
  • Emily
    Supporting this nomination 100%!!!
  • Gaudiana
    She is really inspiring for other women and elegantly professional
  • Kenny Castelli
    She’s a great communicator And very creative. Very professional presentations.
  • Helen
    Deserves it
  • Melinda Toth
    Exceptional style , elegance and self respect
  • Marisa Bonney
    The optimism portrayed by this business woman is inspirational
  • Natasha Van de Minkelis
    Julia is hardworking, business oriented and always deliver 100% and an extra mile on top
  • Evelyne
    She is a really inspiring women!
  • Irina
    She is an exceptional professional with many years of experience and passionate about what she does!
  • Nicholas Collinson
    Personal and friendly service, always willing to go the extra mile!
  • Thomas Tallis
    Julia is extremely diligent in her work and is very solution orientated. Julia is always true to her word and I thoroughly enjoy working alongside her.
  • Miles Thomas
    Absolute dedication and steely determination to deliver for her clients.
  • Elena
    Julia is a beautiful woman and successful entrepreneur!
  • Joshua McClintock
    Her love for old jewelry and fashion is a motivation for everyone from today as a learn from the past to gain traction in the future. She is about passion, family, and forward thinking.
  • Marina Bagin
    Julia very professional and positive .She is trying to develop and is trying to make something new. I wish you more success.
  • Olga Khaimchayeva
    Great personality, always ready to help, high professional, beautiful women
  • Catherine Howells
    To echo comments below, Julia is genuine, creative and incredibly driven. An inspirational entrepreneur
  • Vera Ulisk
    Julia is an inspirations and supportive for many people, friends and family around her. Every project she is on is always successful and brings joy and positive outcome to all around her. She is a wonderful and incredible woman, mom and my dear friend and inspiration for the past 25 years.
  • Zhanna Rotan
    Julia is such an inspirational and professional lady. Simply the best!
  • Ania Hulsman
    Julia is creative, driven and has a growth mindset which makes her not only successful but also inspiring!
  • Joshua Akinbo
    She is a resilient and aggressive business woman well rounded in her field of endeavor and compassionate
  • Sante Ferrari
    Very good business woman, she create a dream for a woman style.
  • Dr Gabriela Mercik
    Hard working and inspiring woman. She is kind, beautiful and profesional.
  • Irina Velkova
    She inspire other women and makes me dream !
  • Kalina Todorova-Stoykova
    Because she is great at her work!
  • Chavdar Georov
    Julia is a responsible bussiness woman. She never backs up and is devoted and hard working professional.
  • Radi Morris
    An exceptional person, motivational Speaker. Delivers highest quality of products always. She really defines the word “luxury”.
  • Evgeni Gilmutdinov
    Julia is I fabulous and a pleasure to shop. She never lets me down & does her work gracefully & always perfect.
  • Petko gruev
    She is very devoted to her job. Exciting and fascinating
  • Anne Shankland
    Julia is a very good business woman and a great role model for the younger generation as well as for her peers.

Academic Training

Master's Degree in Economics Public Speaker, Professional Speakers Academy Business Mastery, Tony Robbins Certified Coach


My many passions include nature, sustainability, travel, an active lifestyle, self-development, jewellery, fashion, people, relationships, and charity work.


To see more people loving the life they live. All of us can benefit from a coach. Investing in yourself should be the #1 priority on your list! Fall in love with your life.