Is Dreaming Small Keeping You from Living BIG?
Become successful in what you do from day one.
Is Dreaming Small Keeping you from Living Big

Become successful in what you do from day one.

How much longer are you willing to stay stuck in a life that you never signed up for?
When you’re ready to take the steps needed to catapult you into the life of your dreams, Julia Castelli wants to help you get there. This 20+ year entrepreneur, mom of 2, and passionate relationship guru wants you to get to the root of why you aren’t where you want to be so that you can finally move forward. Living BIG sounds scarier then it actually is, and knowing what’s got you stuck is the first step to uncovering the magic that is YOU.
What you will learn

#1 Mindset

What to do to make sure your mindset is in alignment with your desires.

#2 Discover

The #1 Tool to Discover how to maintain a true, healthy, long-term relationship.

#3 Love Yourself

A daily checklist to ensure you love yourself before loving others.

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What our clients say

Julia was a speaker at our Creative Women online event Our New Reality-Present and Future, which was devoted to the new challenging global pandemic situation and discussion how to survive it and thrive in it. Julia's topic was How to stay positive during the current pandemic and beyond, a topic very close to her heart as she is one of the most positive people I know. She engaged the audience with her bubbly personality and left the attendees with her formula on surviving any crisis. We all could benefit from her doze of positivity and optimism, in crisis or no crisis:). I will definitely invite Julia to speak again to our Creative Women Global Network.

~ Olg Vysokova

Dear Julia, Hi, your webinar was really great, I found it delightful, intriguing and splendid. During the Covid 19 period I actually changed the way I work. started doing other things that were available to me at that time such as selling PPE.. It was a good time to us. I hope to continue following some of your events and webinars. Many Thanks,

~ Oredola Nyamali

Julia was a speaker at my Women Who Inspire event In May, which was devoted to the transformation. Julia engaged the audience by giving a very interesting and educational speech about her personal transformation and the transformation of her industry-jewellery and luxury. Julia is a brave speaker, she can talk about difficult subjects, about personal hardships and also about her joys and victories - this has a powerful impact on the listeners because they can connect with this. I will definitely invite Julia again - she never repeats the same presentation and also prepares seriously.

~ Olga Balakleet