Tote M Bag "My Way" Rust Colour

£ 487.79


Love is in the hair. For many, going to the hairdresser is like a tradition, a part of your lifestyle. Don’t you feel that your hair is a part of your identity? It can define the mood of a moment and the character of a person. ‘Style’ tells the story of our Afghan Hound, known for being independent, strong-willed, and having truly majestic hair. In the 21st century, he seeks his moment of peace and tranquility at the salon, just like we do.

More conservative in size than the XL Tote, the M Tote is light, spacious and maintains its urban character with several interior compartments that help enormously for it to hold everything you need in perfect order. Its comfort it thanks to its two 18 cm long flat straps which allow it to be carried by hand, on the shoulder or arm. Refined in its design and clean lines, it is the perfect accessory to be taken to the office, in your everyday life.

The last chapter of the Immediacy Collection. The tiger, an animal known for its power, energy, and strong will when facing adversity. It chooses its own path, not based on conventional sentiments, but by instincts and passion. This can be a double-edged sword, but it is what defines its character. When faced with risk, it prefers to venture down its own path and choose its destiny, rather than follow the rules and conventions of the XXI century. "A tiger does not lose sleep, in the opinion of the sheep."