Tote M "The Mix" Camel

£ 487.79


More conservative in size than the XL Tote, the M Tote is light, spacious and maintains its urban character with several interior compartments that help enormously for it to hold everything you need in perfect order. Its comfort it thanks to its two 18 cm long flat straps which allow it to be carried by hand, on the shoulder or arm. Refined in its design and clean lines, it is the perfect accessory to be taken to the office, in your everyday life.

The Mix, self-titled, pays tribute to the unique and particular style of Wallpaper magazine. With almost 25 years of history, it specialises in design, architecture, fashion, travel, art, and lifestyle. Better definition: impossible. The illustration honors the magazine by highlighting the fact that it truly carries the best of each topic, such as this illustration composed 4 different animals. The rabbit's ears, to hear better. The zebra skin, the latest fashion. The tiger's gaze, the most penetrating. And the monkey's mouth, so similar to a human’s. This mix symbolises the assembly of the perfect animal, just as Wallpaper is a blend of the best content. Because of this, it is considered one of the most important magazines in history.