The Francis Pineapples

£ 5,940.00
Brand: Francis de LaraFrancis de Lara

pineapple earrings
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In 1496, Christopher Columbus returned from his second voyage to the Americas, specifically the island of Guadeloupe, with a consignment of pineapples. This golden fruit, with their spiky crowns, would be the crowning glory of his cargo. The Francis Pineapples pair of earrings is symmetrical in form, asymmetrical in colour and materials. One pineapple is hand carved out of peridot in our London lapidary, crowned with 18k yellow gold leaves and stem. The other pineapple is 18k white gold, sprinkled with yellow diamonds at each crosshatch of the husk. 12.41g white gold 40.6ct peridot (8.12g) 3.59g yellow gold 0.52ct yellow diamond Alpha backed Drop 8.8cm Pineapple diameter 16.04