For the Love of Gems

Bold and Beautiful

Francis de Lara is founded by veteran fashion photographer John-Paul Pietrus who, at the peak of his editorial career, made the decision to expand his passion for jewellery by attending the esteemed Metallo Nobile jewellery school in Florence, Italy. His studies focused on the Renaissance and, consequently, he produces endlessly opulent pieces punctuated by diamonds, rubies, emeralds, amethysts, and other precious stones.

"Whilst living in Florence to study jewellery design at the Metallo Nobile, I sauntered over to the Palazzo Pitti or the Uffizi many a day. As I was looking at all of the beautiful Renaissance paintings: royalty and clergy adorned in incredible jewellery and clothing, I thought to myself “what kind of sunglasses would they have worn if they had had them?” That idea developed into the idea of these jewellery-glasses: some for sun, and some for evening with clear to lightly tinted lenses that a woman can don with a simple black ‘Le Smoking’ tuxedo or a stunning red-carpet gown, to make a bold and beautiful statement, as an option to the more traditional necklace or brooch.

Francis de Lara jewellery-eyewear crosses the boundaries between fine jewellery and eyewear, incorporating precious metals, stones, and woods with the spirit of Renaissance jewellery into eyewear. My vision of Francis de Lara evolves with creations in traditional jewellery forms to expand the menagerie.”

John-Paul Francis de Lara Pietrus.

The first collection, ‘Ribbons and Serpents’, consists of pieces formed from 24 karat gold, sterling silver, diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, amethysts, garnets, tourmaline and kunzite, along with accents of precious ebony. All materials are ethically sourced. Each eyewear style is limited to an edition of 12, and never will one piece be the same stone and metal colour combination again, ensuring that every single piece is absolutely one of a kind.