Nina & Co

Fascinated by precious stones and jewels

Fascinated by precious stones and jewels since forever, it is a trip to Sri Lanka that moves her and inspires her to launch and create her brand. During this journey, Nina is captivated by the wild and tropical nature, by the contact with the animals, particularly with the elephants. "This sacred animal is a symbol of protection and luck in the Indian culture," she explains.


She will make it the emblem of her first collection. Upon her return, Nina wants to share her wonderful epic through her own jewelry. So she draws a collection merging her two passions, the world of high jewelery and that of wildlife.

Beyond the beauty of her pieces, the designer wants to convey a real message and defend a cause that is dear to her. Having fallen in love with the elephants, she decides to protect them and support the protection of animals and the preservation of nature by developing a partnership between associations and Nina & Ko.

Faithful to her Monegasque origins, Nina also designed a unique piece, an art painting set with precious stones, which was auctioned in Monte Carlo during Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation's annual gala, whose funds collected are used for the protection of the oceans. Mobilizing for the protection of the marine world is also a subject dear to her heart that will be the central theme of her next collection, notably around turtles Nina sees each of her pieces of jewelry as works of art, 100% Swiss Made artistic pieces, there to remind people of the beauty of nature that is so important to reconnect with and so vital today, that we have to preserve for the well-being of future generations.


Playing with techniques and design, Nina creates pieces that are often impressive, like some bracelets adorning the whole hand, or the octopus ring that articulates and unfolds around the finger. But the designer also ensures that each of them is easy and very comfortable to wear all day long. She also plays with stones, with the precious gems' materials and color gradients, in order to give life to her jewels' animal emblems. Life but also movement, as in the moving ears of her elephants or in the two-in-one ring, adorned with two birds that can face or fly away from each other. A poetic bestiary to discover without further delay..