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How Do You Define Luxury?

The term luxury conjures up different images for different people. Your visual of luxury might include diamonds and jewellery. It isn't that you add a piece of jewellery to an outfit. It's that jewellery is a part of who you are and how you live.
What I love about jewellery (as selling and promoting jewellery is one of our specialities) is the notion of time.

The timelessness. It's something that will last, I hope indefinitely, something that you could leave to your children. It will keep telling your story long after you are gone.

For others, the luxury lifestyle is defined through comfort and ease.
For me, personally, it is an experience, a feeling, a state of elegance, refinement, great comfort, pleasure, well-being. Luxury is beauty and happiness.
I have been in the luxury industry for 20 years and have provided such experiences since then.
For those of you who do not know me, I am the Founder of Julia Castelli Lifestyle Management. We source for our discerning clientele colour and rare diamonds (including 100 carats and more), high end jewellery and watches and we assist them with any aspect of luxury lifestyle management (luxury acquisitions/property search/interior design/luxury travel/art, etc.). As you might gather, I have a lot to tell on this interesting subject having worked internationally (New York, London, Hong Kong, Geneva, Moscow, Baku, Almaty etc) in retail (Chanel, Chopard, Asprey, Leviev), auctions (Sotheby's), private sales and running my own business since 2007. Luxury Defined by Lifestyle

For many who may not live surrounded in luxury, it is defined by the objects. Whether those objects are jewellery, art, opulent residences, vacations, or fashion, the idea of luxury for them comes more from objects.
Those who live a life of luxury might own a big jewellery or art collection and many bespoke pieces of clothing and shoes. Yet, living a luxury lifestyle is more of a state of mind, a belief, and a way to approach living. Living a life of luxury is creating a state of elegance all around you. It's living in great comfort and ease.
Luxury is happiness because of the manner in which you exist. So, while the things around you create a lifestyle of refinement, it is about your pleasure and well-being that helps to create a feeling of luxury.

Often those who live a life filled with luxury get a feeling from it. There is an emotional connection to the way the lifestyle makes you feel, the experiences it creates and memories that last from it.

Experiences Connected to the Luxury Lifestyle 

Living a life of luxury is about the choices a person makes and how they choose to execute living their life. And this is where myself and my team can make a great difference to our client's choices.
Whether they are taking a vacation, selecting a home, buying jewellery, art or fashion, they choose to select things that will provide for them a sense of quality and comfort. 

Luxury is also about exclusivity.

We are involved in sourcing limited edition or completely unique pieces. The next level to this is Bespoke. Having something created just for you. The personalisation of an item or service is what makes something luxurious as at that point it becomes also a symbol of status, a privilege.
Quality is an absolute must when we speak about Luxury. The products are often hand-made by master craftsmen and if we are talking about a service, it needs to be delivered by a highly skilled specialist, possibly the best or one of the best in their own field.
Living a luxury lifestyle means that everything you do is about the experience it creates. We work with brands who will care for your comfort, ease and experiences. It's our desire to make you feel special and cared for and surround you with best in luxury and comfort.

Living a Life Defined by Luxury 

Choosing to surround yourself in luxury is about making lifestyle choices. It goes beyond the fine objects and it often has nothing to do with the price of an object or service. It is about how you think, feel, and want your surroundings to be.
Do you want help creating a life where luxury is all around you? At Julia Castelli Lifestyle Management, we make it our mission to help you live a life of luxury. Contact us today to let us help you make luxury the way you live. 

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Wednesday, 24 July 2024
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